VCE Master Gardener Plant Clinics

VCE Master Gardener volunteers staff plant clinics at the locations listed below and can help diagnose plant diseases, pests and other problems; provide advice on choosing, planting, and maintaining landscape plants; offer suggestions on pest control products and their safe use; help you learn how to use water wisely in your garden; and discuss other gardening concerns. We also operate plant clinics at some special events throughout the year as well. Plant clinics that are operated at any special events will be included in that events announcement on our events calendar page, as well as being temporarily posted here.

Days, times and locations of the VCE Master Gardener plant clinics are as follows:

  •  Arlington Farmers’ Market, North Courthouse Road and North 14th Street
    Saturdays, 8am to 11am  ( Directions/Map)
  • Arlington Central Library, 1015 North Quincy Street
    Thursdays, 645pm to 845pm (Directions/Map)
  • Alexandria Farmers’ Market, 301 King Street, Market Square
    Saturdays, 630am to 930am (Directions/Map)
  • Del Ray Farmers’ Market, Mount Vernon and East Oxford Avenues
    Saturdays, 830am to 11am (Directions/Map)