In the Garden: Raised Beds Raise Vegetables

Organic Vegetable Garden (OVG), March 6th:

We added three raised beds to the garden this weekend.Raised beds are a great choice for growing vegetables for a variety of reasons.

A bed in the making. The rectangular frames are assembled, placed of top of each other, and then secured.

  • You can place the beds in the part of your yard where you get the most sunshine.
  • Your garden is “concentrated,” making it easier to apply compost and for watering.
  • The sides can help keep out weeds.
  • Elevated soil drains more quickly.
  • Soil warms up earlier in the spring.
  • “Raising up” your garden can make it easier for gardeners with restricted mobility and is definitely easier on the back.

Lettuce, waiting for its new neighbors

Be sure to use untreated lumber when constructing your beds to prevent chemicals from leaching into your soil.  There are lots of resources online that demonstrate how to construct a raised bed—all you need is lumber, screws, a saw, and a drill. A tape measure helps too.

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