Make the Most of Mulch

Organic Vegetable Garden (OVG), April 5th:

We have been busy in the organic vegetable garden preparing our beds for all the little seedlings that are being nurtured under grow lights.  An important part of this process is adding leaf mulch to the soil, which is available from Arlington County and the City of Alexandria.  Leaf mulch adds important nutrients to the soil and improves the soil’s tilth, which is the physical condition of soil, especially its suitability for planting or growing a crop.  Also available is wood mulch, which can be useful for top dressing.  It can reduce weeds and help to conserve moisture in the soil.

The mulch can be picked up at several locations.  Be sure to take plastic bins or heavy duty trash bags.  You will also need your own shovel or pitchfork.  You must be a resident to take advantage of this service. In addition, you can order mulch to be delivered at your home for a small fee.

For information on Arlington.
For information on Alexandria.

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