The Language of Flowers


It’s June and here is a bunch of flowers that I picked from the garden to celebrate the weekend and my son’s high school graduation.

While a Dutch or Flemish artist painting a still life in the seventeenth century might collage an arrangement from flowers, fruit and insects at different seasons, my photo simply shows the bounty of flowers out in the garden today.  Last week, peonies were in flower: this week, their seedpods are revealed and the petals are scattered on the ground. Last week, daylilies were in bud and now they are out. The June Flowers vase is a mixture of native cultivars and ornamentals imported from around the world selected for their interest, beauty, or perhaps sheer persistence in the landscape.

What are the stories of these flowers? Why are they growing in my garden in Northern Virginia?

June Flowers Diagram

Click links for details of each flower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPenstemon or ‘Beardtongue’:

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