2014 Master Gardener of Northern Virginia Annual Plant Sale at Green Spring

By Grace Dailey (photo credits) and Alison Kindler

The 2014 Master Gardener of Northern Virginia annual Plant Sale at Green Spring Gardens, was notable for a Friday set-up morning with a downpour of rain that started the previous night and was so heavy the counties sent out text alerts to warn of flooding, and one county alert even directed us to seek shelter. But everyone who signed up as an MG for the early set-up showed up before the 7 a.m. start time and pitched in setting up the tents and tables. You could hear the three cordless drills making their own music as the tables were put together by these “craft-persons.” The rest of the day was marked by equally motivated and dedicated volunteers who quickly pushed the tents into place, surrounded them with tables and filled them with plants to be sold.

2014-master-gardener-of-northern-virginia-annual-plant-sale-at-green-springThe earlier and ongoing work of the demonstration garden gardeners as well as the individual MG gardeners who sent plants was a significant part of the Plant Sale success. All available space was full of plants. Meeting the call for native plants, an extra table was allocated. With a very late winter everyone did an exceptional job of producing a large plant selection.

Saturday, the sale day, was the perfect day for everything, including a fabulous plant sale. Sunny, low 70s and clear. Another day marked by exceptional MG volunteers as everyone who saw a task, did the task.

The Plant Sale funds will help the Master Gardener support its outreach program to the community. Thanks to all Master Gardeners from the plant sale chairs, Grace and Alison.

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