New Brochure for Glencarlyn Library Community Garden Is Big Hit

By Judy Funderburk
Everyone who sees our new brochure says something nice:

GC Library Garden Brochure Garden Guide“It’s beautiful.”

“It leads you into the Garden.”

“It helps you learn more about the plantings in each of the 10 garden sections.”

The original concept of Master Gardener coordinators Judy Funderburk, Paul Nuhn, and Alyssa Ford Morel for the new brochure was that it should be a teaching guide for the demonstration garden, so we are greatly pleased that it does that and much more.

GC Library Garden BrochureThough we three coordinators wrote and edited the text, the brochure became a stunning and professional looking statement when Glencarlyn resident Bob Capps volunteered to redesign and create an expanded version of the outdated original brochure. Bob, a career graphic designer, is retired from Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria Campus, where he was head of Communication Design. He continues to freelance in design and photography.

GC Library Garden Brochure MapThe new brochure also reflects the talents of various other individuals who made significant contributions to its final effect. The digitally drawn map is based on an original hand-drawn map by Paul Nuhn. The photographs were donated by several individuals, including Glencarlyn residents Naila Rahman and Bob Capps, and local master gardener Mary Free.

GC Library Garden BrochurePrinted copies are available in brochure boxes mounted on each of the two archways leading into the Library Garden at 300 S. Kensington Street in Arlington, Virginia 22204. We hope you will enjoy learning from the content, seeing the gorgeous photos, and visiting all the sections of the Garden shown on the beautifully delineated map located within the second fold of the brochure. You’re also invited to spend time in the gazebo, taste a piece of basil or chocolate mint, rub some rosemary or lavender between your fingers and breathe in the scent.  Gardens give their gifts of respite, pleasure and scent gladly. Come visit!

A copy of the full brochure is downloadable here.

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