Welcome, Master Gardener Class of 2016!

by Kirsten Conrad, Agriculture Natural Resource Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Master Gardener Class of 2016

The MG Intern class of 2016 is 28 strong.  All graduated with flying colors on November 15th in a ceremony that included the Mayor of Alexandria Allison Silberberg.  We are so pleased to have these dedicated new volunteers join us. Many are already embarked on their class projects.  Their 60 hours of internship will allow them 20 hours to become familiar with our 5 demonstration gardens, 20 hours to learn how things are done at our 4 plant clinics and our Help Desk, 10 hours to work on beginning their projects, and another 10 hours to experience what it’s like to teach in front of the public.   Projects for them and their garden coordinator include:

Shade Garden Comprehensive Deer/Drought Resistant Plantings Table:
MG Carolyn Vincent
2 Interns
Feb/March 2017
Glencarlyn Library Garden Inventory/Documentation of Plants Followed by Printing Signage Where Needed:
MG Judy Funderburk
1 Intern
June 2016
“Wednesdays in the Library” Coordinators (with AFAC Plot Against Hunger) mini lecture programs in 2017 and the Library Plant Clinic:
MG Becki Halbe
2 Interns
October 15
 Garden Myth Busters!
MG Libby Good
2 Interns
April 2017
Common Beneficial and Beneficial and Harmful Insect:
MG Aubrie Cypert
3 Interns;
April 2017
 Fairlington Teaching Garden:
MG Kirsten Conrad Buhls;
Project 1 and Project 2: 3 interns each, up to 6 total.
Project 1 Aug 2017
Project 2 Dec 1 2017
Arlington County Fair Booth;
MGs Elizabeth Walter and Mary Jane Kramer
2 Interns
August 2017
 Carlin Springs School Wildflower Garden Restoration Project:
MG Nancy Davis
2 Interns
June 2017
Sunny Garden Plant List and Brochure:
MG Joe Kelly
2 Interns
June 2017
 Junior Master Gardener 4H Arlington After School Curriculum Delivery:
Caitlin Verdu, 4-H Extension Agent
Up to 6 Interns
June 2017
Horticulture Therapy for At Risk Programs
MG Denise Dieter
2 Interns;  2017
 Signage Project Simpson Garden:
MG Beth Tindal
2 Interns
Balcony/HighRise/Small Space Gardening Programs
MG Kirsten Conrad Buhls
2 interns
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