Crazy Mixed up February (and March!)

by Judy Funderburk, Master Gardener

Flowering Quince ( Chaenomeles speciosa) close-up

Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) close up view.

“Spring” … sprung or unsprung?

In the middle of what is supposed to be winter, when the days are still relatively short and the nights long, the plants in the Glencarlyn Library Community Garden are responding to the record-breaking high temperatures with a confusing but wonderful mix of blooms, berries, textures, and colors. Never before have we seen such combinations of winter and spring in the Garden. Here are some photos taken on February 21 that made me smile and shake my head and look in wonder.

Enjoy this quixotic winter/spring concoction.  Take in the present moments in this post, at the Glencarlyn Library Demonstration Garden in Arlington, Virginia or right around you, for who knows what tomorrow will bring!

All Photos © 2017 Judy Funderburk

Click on any picture to enlarge and see full descriptive captions.

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