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The Long View – Meditations on Gardening

Fall Reckoning for the Gardener 

Fall is the time to tally up the results of our gardening year. We plan, we plant, we weed, prune, maintain. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Life happens, and sometimes we don’t attend to all the chores we meant to do. Continue reading

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Native Plants for Winter Interest

A number of plants native to our region provide continuing value and interest in our gardens into the winter. Their evergreen foliage or interesting bark add beauty to the landscape, while their berries, seeds, or stems provide support to wildlife through the cold months. Continue reading

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Garden Myth Busters! Using Bleach to Disinfect Tools

By Rachel Vecchio, Master Gardener 2016 Intern and Libby Good, Certified Master Gardener THE MYTH: The best way to disinfect pruning tools is to use a bleach solution. THE REALITY: A common and much-debated garden myth is that a chlorine … Continue reading

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The New Flora of Virginia Mobile App

By Elaine Mills, Certified Master Gardener Last spring, while perusing the Winter 2017 issue of Sempervirens, the quarterly publication of the Virginia Native Plant Society, I came across a short article announcing plans for a mobile app version of the … Continue reading

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