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The Beauty of Birches

Check out the Birch Tree video featured in the January 30, 2019 article title Are You Lichen the Bark? Part 1: Beautiful Bark Continue reading

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Are You Lichen the Bark? Beautiful Bark

Part 1: Beautiful Bark
Where, beyond snow-covered landscapes, does one search in winter for wonders of the natural world? If one looks carefully at that which winter has laid bare, then the beauty of bark emerges. With no leaves to obscure the view, one can truly appreciate the varying colors, textures, and patterns of deciduous tree barks. Continue reading

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TREE: Betula lenta (Sweet or Black or Cherry Birch)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic
Sweet Birch, also known as Black or Cherry Birch, finds a natural home on the cool north and east slopes of rich mountain woods.  Its reliable golden-yellow fall color is the best of the commonly cultivated birches. Continue reading

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Balcony Gardening Basics

New resource page! Balcony Gardening Basics
If you have a balcony, you can garden. Whether you want to add color with flowers and foliage, create a little privacy, or grow edibles and native plants; you can transform your balcony from a concrete jungle into a miniature garden. Continue reading

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