MGNV has a YouTube Channel – All about Pollinators!

2019 National Pollinator Week LogoMGNV continues to expand our social media outreach, thanks to the leadership of two long time members of the Social Media Committee. We are taking advantage of National Pollinator Week to highlight our social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now on YouTube.


Extension Master Gardener Mary Free is an experienced photographer and expert on pollinators. She is the author of the VCE publication Creating Inviting Habitats which examines the habitat requirements for birds, hummingbirds and butterflies common to our local area. Many of the plants and wildlife on the MGNV website were photographed by Mary in Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia.  We are fortunate to have Mary’s pollinator videos as well on a number of our articles and Tried & True Native Plant Selection pages.

youtube logoWe have now posted all of Mary’s pollinator videos on our YouTube Pollinator PlaylistWe’ll be posting video links all week on Facebook and Twitter at 6 p.m. to celebrate National Pollinator Week and to share this exciting resource!


instagram logoWe’ve made a strong start with Instagram in 2019, thanks to our Instagram curator, Extension Master Gardener Elaine Mills, who publishes daily photos with education content that follow up on her Tuesday Mystery Plant Facebook posts. This recent article by Elaine, Instagram Posts: The Beauty Is in the Details, has all the information on this great initiative.

Follow us on Instagram at mgnvsocialmedia. You can also look for our posts by hashtags: #mgnv and #mysteryplant.


facebook logoMGNV has had a Facebook presence since 1979. The focus of our page is mainly on activities, programs, workshops, educational opportunities, etc. that are put on by VCE Master Gardeners of Arlington/Alexandria and MGNV. We also list additional events and opportunities that are gardening related and educational, that are primarily put on by other local master gardener organizations in the D.C. metropolitan area, mainly in Northern and Central Virginia. We  share science based information on gardening, climate, pollinators and a variety of other timely topics. Our goal is two posts a day, including original content from our website. Elaine will be posting pollinator related posts at noon all this week on Facebook to celebrate National Pollinator Week.


Our Facebook page posts directly into the VCEAA Master Gardeners Twitter feed @VCEAAMG. While we do not tweet separate tweets to Twitter, the link from Facebook enables us to reach an additional social media audience. Our National Pollinator Week posts will be disseminated through Twitter as well this week.

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