Choking Hazard: English Ivy Removal Campaign

The Tree Stewards and Master Naturalist programs launched a campaign in 2012 titled “Choking Hazard: English Ivy as a Threat to Virginia’s Trees”

The purpose of the campaign is to educate residents about Hedera helix (English ivy), in particular the damage it causes and strategies for eradication.

“Our trees add financial value to our properties and quality to our lives. That is why we’ve invested so much time and money into landscaping, nurturing and maintaining our trees and gardens,” said Nora Palmatier, president of TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria.  “The investment is worth it. Unfortunately, English ivy is a threat to that investment.”

More information is available on the Tree Stewards website, at the dedicated Choking Hazard web page. At the bottom of the page, brochures and presentations are available for further educational efforts for residents.

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