Updates to MGNV.org – Check them out!

Website Changes

Our website continues to evolve as we add more and more content. Here are some highlights of current changes – and stay tuned for a site redesign including the return of responsive design for your phones and tablets later in 2021. We hope you find these changes useful.

Reorganized Navigation

You may have noticed that our drop down menu has changed. Where once we had Tried and True Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic as a separate menu item, we have now incorporated that important section into a more general Plants section.


Under Plants, you can find five major categories:

    1. Invasive Plants and Better Alternatives
    2. Native Plants for the Mid-Atlantic – Tried & True
    3. Plants for Particular Uses – Best Bets
    4. Vegetables and Herbs
    5. Weeds

Don’t forget to move your cursor over to see subcategories for each section!

Lots of  New Content in Vegetables and Herbs

Public Education

We have added so much content under Public Education that we’ve had to split it up into more pages. Our newly organized Master Gardener Virtual Library menu now has five pages with a lot of new content!

The most recent new videos are

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