Garden Musings: Live in Your Hands

A musing by Judy Funderburk

An old sage speaks to me saying,
“Live in your hands.” The words “Lovely image” come to mind.
I feel my brow crinkle as thought interrupts my ability
to just be with that first image and see what it opens in me.
Thought says, “Live in your heart.”

I am interrupted now with two images:  hands and heart.
Confusing, perhaps conflicting …
How often I am interrupted by thought … taking me from present moment.
I take a deep breath and slow my self down.
Now I can picture …

my hands touching the papery petals of Oriental Poppy,
the waxy yellow flowers of Buttercup,
my eyes caressing the voluptuous shape of Iris,
fingers touching its soft beard.
Breathing in brings me its slight scent.

As I slow down to touch, see, smell
I feel the flower energies enter and touch me,
Opening my heart.

The May 2nd reading from my daily meditation book (The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo) led me into this musing.

Creating this piece allowed me to notice and play with my responses to images and words that arose, creating a deep gratitude for language that invites a kind of silent presence and reverence.

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