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Plant Clinics

Plant clinics sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension are gearing up for the 2014 gardening season in Arlington and Alexandria. All are staffed by VCE Master Gardeners, who answer general gardening questions as well as questions about pests and diseases and plant identification. They also provide free soil test kits on request. Continue reading

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April 2016 Public Education Events

VCE Master Gardeners have a full schedule of events planned in April. Please share this information about these events with your neighbors and friends as well as members of your own organizations. Wednesdays in the Garden, April 6, 13, 20, … Continue reading

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About . . . The History of Master Gardeners

In 1971, before Master Gardeners were even a gleam in anyone’s eye, Washington State University assigned two extension agents to the Seattle and Tacoma metro areas. Their job: to help the public with their urban and commercial horticulture questions. And did they get questions! The overworked agents put on radio and TV gardening shows, but that only drew more people to the Extension offices. The agents brainstormed how to handle the crowds. How about recruiting and training volunteers to help backyard gardeners? Continue reading

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Planting Dates for Arlington and Alexandria

Check out this chart for 2016 Planting Dates for Arlington and Alexandria! Continue reading

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The Long View – Meditations on Gardening (The Soft Season)

Undefined, blurred, softened – that’s how the gardens look under snow. We call it harsh winter, but, in fact, it’s a soft season in many ways. We cannot garden outdoors during snow, nor trample the beds afterward while the soil is all soft and damp and sheltering the turmoil of life under the surface. So we ourselves get a little soft, physically, in terms of outdoor labor. Continue reading

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Mosquito Control Begins With a Home Walk-Around

Mosquitoes require as little as a tablespoon of water to lay eggs in. They can successfully breed in any area or container that has still, shallow standing water for more than three days. The number-one source of mosquito bites in our area is the Asian Tiger mosquito, which is a container breeder. Continue reading

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