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VINE: Clematis virginiana (Virgin’s-bower)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic
New fact-sheet! Learn more about this beautiful vine – Clematis virginiana, also known as Virgin’s Bower, a great plant for pollinators. Continue reading

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Insects Make My Food and . . .

Recent studies are documenting dramatic declines in the number and diversity of insects around the world. Entomologists, ecologists, and other scientists are expressing shock at the speed and scope of these losses, and they are pointing to these steep declines as a sign of broader ecosystem collapse. Continue reading

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It’s National Pollinator Week!

And it’s Pollinator Week in Virginia, too! June 17-23, 2019

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Ladybugs and Their Larvae

If you are outside working in your garden, or just enjoying the many flowers that bloom throughout the growing season, then you may happen upon ladybugs or lady beetles. The most common ones in this area, though, are not native to North America. Continue reading

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