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Five Annuals for a Pollinator Garden

Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds gravitate to gardens that bloom throughout the growing season and that contain an abundance of the same plant species as well as a diversity of species of like colors arranged together. Annuals, with their extended bloom period, ensure a continual nectar source for pollinators when perennials have yet to flower or are in decline. Continue reading

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About . . . Annuals

Unlike perennials, which live for more than two years, annual plants sprout, bloom, produce seeds, and die in a single growing season. If the garden was a stage, perennials would be the leads and annuals would be supporting performers. Continue reading

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Two Of My Gardening Book ‘Favs’

By Judy Funderburk, Certified Master Gardener Without a doubt, Tracy DiSabato-Aust’s The Well-Tended Perennial Garden is the most useful book I own and, to my mind, one of the most helpful “tools” a gardener can have at hand. Originally published … Continue reading

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The Meyer Lemon as Houseplant

By Christa Watters, Certified Master Gardener Last fall I harvested five beautiful Meyer lemons from a potted dwarf lemon tree I had received as a Christmas present in 2015. Along with the plant came a handsome, generously large pot and … Continue reading

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Organic Fertilizers: Giving a Jump Start to New Plantings

By Kirsten Conrad, Agriculture Natural Resource Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension Organic Sources of Nitrogen Fertilizers    Most of the soil test results we receive at the  VCE Horticultural Help Desk for vegetable gardens are high in phosphorus and potassium … Continue reading

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June 2017 Public Education Events

The following are free public education events for June 2017. Printable Flyer–MGNV June 2017 Public Education Events Printable Flyer – Garden Talks at Arlington Central Library 2017 Waterwise Gardening Monday, June 5, 7-8:30 p.m. Fairlington Community Ctr, 3308 S. Stafford St., Arlington, … Continue reading

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