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Ready, Set, Adapt! Climate Change is Coming to a Garden Near You

In 2018, local gardeners contacted the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia Help Desk, Plant Clinics and Demonstration Gardens with hundreds of weather-related plant questions. Are these signs of climate change?  Probably. Continue reading

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Small Space Gardening for Pollinators

Homeowners with small yards or apartment dwellers with balconies may wonder what role they can play in supporting pollinators. The good news is that by selecting smaller sizes of woody plants and making creative use of containers, gardeners with limited space can enjoy appealing landscapes that attract a wide variety of these creatures. Continue reading

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Healthy Bark, Healthy Tree Part 2: Mechanical and Weather Damage

Mechanical damage is the most preventable of bark injuries because it is often due to impatience, inattention, or ignorance. Careless maintenance practices can damage trees that take decades, not weeks, to grow. While we cannot control the weather, which can cause irreparable bark injury, we can control what plants we purchase and where we choose to locate them—the right plant in the right place increases its chances of surviving weather extremes. Enjoy the amazing photographs in this article on preventing mechanical and weather damage to trees. Continue reading

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Healthy Bark, Healthy Tree Part 1: Wildlife Damage

Trees have numerous ways to protect themselves. They can emit chemicals that repel invaders or attract predators to the invaders. If trees are wounded, they can try to compartmentalize the disease, by isolating or “walling off” the infected area and halting the spread of the infection. But it is bark that provides the first line of protection for a tree. Continue reading

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April 2019 Public Education Events

April 2019 Public Education Classes are open to all, but space may be limited so be sure to register online. This month’s classes include:
*Small Space Gardening for Pollinators,
*Tomato Love,
*Mosquitos and Ticks: Identification and Control and
*Grow Your Own Herbal Teas

Don’t miss these great special events!
*Arlington Home Show & Garden
*Alexandria Earth Day: Climate Change – Take Action!
*City Nature Challenge 2019 at Simpson Park Garden and
*Organic Vegetable Garden Open House

Continue reading

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Winter Is the Time for Pruning

While the garden is dormant, you have a chance to find and correct landscape issues concerning many varieties of deciduous trees. This is the best time to prune this type of tree. Continue reading

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