Mertensia virginica en masse.
Mertensia virginica en masse. Photo © Mary Free

Event Series Fairlington Farmers Market Plant Clinic

Small Space Garden Plant Clinic

The Plant Clinic at the Small Space Garden is staffed by VCE Master Gardeners, who answer general gardening questions as well as questions about pests, diseases, and plant identification. They also provide free soil test kits on request. The Plant Clinic coincides with the Fairlington Farmers Market and is located at the back of the Fairlington Community Center.

Climate-Conscious Gardening


As our changing climate brings more unpredictable weather patterns, gardeners play an increasingly important role in serving as stewards of the environment. Extension Master Gardeners Elaine Mills and Elizabeth Collaton will present five categories of practical actions homeowners can take in their own backyards to either mitigate or adapt to changes in our climate. 

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