Living with Wildlife without Losing your Garden

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Learn how to manage and control garden critters affecting your vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and lawn with Kirsten Conrad, the Agricultural Natural Resource Extension Agent for Arlington County and City of Alexandria. This will be an informative and entertaining look at some of the science-based advice offered in the Pest Management Guide: Home Grounds and Animals 2020 published by the Virginia Cooperative Extension (download for free at

Online class offered by Extension Master Gardeners.

Speaker: Kirsten Conrad, Agriculture Natural Resource Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension.
Zoom session, recorded August 14, 2020

Video of Presentation

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 2:28 What’s eating your garden
  • 3:36 Know the 5 Steps of Wildlife Management
  • 13:00 Know the laws
  • 22:59 Decision Making
  • 25:00 Rabbit and Deer Control
  • 39:29 Groundhog Control
  • 41:19 Raccoon, Skunk and Opossum Control
  • 45:11 Mole and Vole control 49:13 Questions
  • 1:00:24 Squirrel Control
  • 1:08:24 Birds: Crow, European Starling, Canada Goose Control
  • 1:15:36 Snake Control
  • 1:19:59 Emerging Wild Animal Pests – Nutria, Feral Hogs
  • 1:21:53 What’s and Informed Concerned person to do?

Additional Resources

Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications

Arlington County Resources

City of Alexandria Resources

Commonwealth of Virginia Resources

    • Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (formerly VDGIF)
      Virginia state agency responsible for management of inland fisheries, wildlife and recreational boating.
    • National Pesticide Information Center Organization
      Problem Wildlife in the Garden and Yard
      Collects information on which pesticide you should use for each pest.
    • Center for Human Wildlife Conflict Resolution Site
      Resource site designed to help Virginia residents and municipal leaders identify potential sources of assistance when confronted with problematic wild animal concerns.
    • Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
      Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
      Offers information on how to manage injured and orphaned wildlife
    • Virginia Department of Forestry  
      Information about cost share, woodlot management, wildlife habitat, brush piles and more

Additional Resources

    • The Great BackYard Bird Count
      Organization that uses citizen science to collect information on wild bird species