Contained Excitement: Outdoor Container Garden Basics & What’s Trending!

MGNV - Urban Agriculture LogoJoin Extension Master Gardener Anne Reed to learn the basics of growing flowers and vegetables in containers, including bio-containers, growing medium, moisture, fertilizer, plant selection and care, and overwintering your potted garden. Trending topics will include container gardening with roses, citrus, and other fruits, shade plantings, porch pots, and more!

Zoom session, recorded April 23, 2021

Video of Presentation

Additional Resources

Container Gardening Design

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Container Selection

Soil Volume for all types of containers:

Fruit and Vegetable Root Depth

Plant Selection

Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Growing Fruit Crops in Containers:

Growing Roses in Containers

Growing Carnivorous Plants in Containers

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Seasonal Porch Pots

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    • Avoid foraging threatened, endangered, or toxic plants with the use of the tool found at