Chrysogonum virginianum (Green-and-Gold)


Chrysogonum virginianum, Green-and-Gold Ground Cover Height: 1⁄2–1 foot Spread: 1–11⁄2 feet Bloom Color: Yellow Characteristics Mat-forming, herbaceous perennial Oval and toothed, velvety, medium green foliage Starry yellow flowers from March to June, then sporadically summer into fall Each flower is a button of small disc flowers surrounded by five bright yellow rays Spreads by rhizomes and sometimes self-seeds Attributes Tolerates limited: drought, flooding, and foot traffic; no serious pests or diseases; deer seldom severely damage Spreads steadily to form broad, virtually weed- free mats; spread easily controlled Growing and Maintenance Tips Soil Requirements: Average to rich, well-drained Light Requirements: Sun, Partial Shade, Shade Water Requirements: Dry, Moist Prefers dappled shade; the more sun it receives, incl. afternoon sun, the more moisture it needs Susceptible to crown or root rot if soil is poorly drained, overwatered or heavily mulched Remove spent flower stems for best appearance Use as a path edging or ground cover in rain or woodland gardens It is native to DC. It is absent in DE. It is native in all NoVA counties but Arlington. It is endangered in PA. It is present in Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties in WV. Hardiness: USDA Zones 5–9 Excellent Replacement for Hedera helix - English Ivy Ranunculus ficaria - Lesser Celandine

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