Silene caroliniana (Wild Pink)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic

This charming wildflower is native* to dry forests, barrens, and outcrops throughout Virginia where it tolerates a range of soils. Its rose-pink flowers, which somewhat resemble those of phlox, bring bright color to the spring garden, and it remains evergreen in winter.

*In the Mid-Atlantic Region, it is native to most of NJ, PA, DE, and MD. It is frequent throughout VA, except in the far southwest.

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Perennial Height: 1/2-1 foot Spread: 1/2-1 foot Bloom color: Pink Characteristics Low, mounded perennial wildflower Narrow, lance-shaped, semi-evergreen basal leaves and smaller paired stem leaves Loose clusters of rose-pink tubular flowers with 5 spreading, wedge-shaped petals April to May Sticky flowering stems and sticky hairs on calyx deter ants from stealing nectar Attributes Has no serious post or disease problems Tolerates drought and shallow, rocky soil Growing and Maintenance Tips Soil requirements: Average, well-drained Light requirements: Sun to part-shade Water requirements: Dry to Medium Benefits from some afternoon shade. Rock gardens, border fronts, wildflower gardens, ground cover Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-8 Excellent Replacement for Dianthus spp. - Pinks
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