Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic

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Nyssa sylvatica (Black Gum) leaves in October. Photo © 2014 Elaine Mills

Small Trees Make Big Canopies

Check out this 202o intern project to increase the tree canopy in Arlington County!

Where to See These Trees in Our Demonstration Gardens

Many of these recommended plants can easily be seen in person at local public gardens. The following gardens feature native plants and are designed and maintained by Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia, serving Arlington and Alexandria.

Glencarlyn Library Community Garden
300 S. Kensington Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204

Native plants suitable for a container garden, shade garden, or scented garden

Shade Demonstration Garden at Bon Air Park
850 N. Lexington Street  Arlington, Virginia 22205 (near the shelter)

Native plants that thrive in morning shade and partial sun

Simpson Park Demonstration Garden
420 E. Monroe Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22301 (next to the YMCA parking lot)

Native selections for waterwise gardening and host plants for butterfly gardens

Sunny Demonstration Garden at Bon Air Park
850 N. Lexington Street, Arlington, Virginia 22205 (at the end of the parking lot)

Sun-loving perennials and shrubs that thrive despite  excessive humidity or drought

Other Local Public Gardens Where These Trees May be Seen

The Potomac Overlook Native Plant Garden, 2845 N. Marcey Road, Arlington, VA 22207, next to the demonstration Organic Vegetable Garden maintained by Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia, has a variety of trees. The garden is maintained by Audubon at Home, the Virginia Native Plant Society, and Arlington Regional Master Naturalists in collaboration with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority