Updates to Tried and Trues and to Problem Plants

Written by Mary Free and Elaine Mills, Certified Master Gardeners

Get over that winter funk by planning your spring, summer and fall gardens. Searching for ideas? Take another look at our enhanced Tried and True Plants and Problem Plants resources. We have added 3 native ferns and 5 native ground covers to the Tried and True Plants library. Besides that, we have updated 48 of the Tried and True fact sheets with easier-to-read format, added information, and new images of plants that (mostly) can be visited in local public gardens. Additionally, we have identified those plants included in the Plant NoVA Natives campaign.

z Quercus alba Annotated

To supplement the individual plant fact sheets, we have added a How to Use the Fact Sheets guide that walks through the format line-by-line explaining what kind of information is provided and defining many common gardening terms. The new Acknowledgments section presents the history of the fact sheets. The Sources and References section lists on-line materials that were invaluable in preparing the fact sheets and that you might want to visit for more detailed information.

Our Problem Plants fact sheets also have been updated with an easier-to-read format, many new images, and new searchable text. These sheets provide information on the invasive tendencies and problematic growth habits of some plants that are widely available in the nursery trade and suggest attractive native plants to consider as substitutes.

Over 2015, we will continue to update these fact sheets with new images and transition over to the new format, so come back and visit us often to see what’s new.