Lonicera sempervirens, Trumpet or Coral Honeysuckle

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic

Low maintenance and showy, Trumpet Honeysuckle blooms intermittently until frost with coral flowers and red fruit present together. A more compact cultivar, ‘John Clayton,’ produces fragrant yellow flowers and copious orange-red fruit. It was discovered in 1991 on the grounds of a 17th century Virginia church. The species name “sempervirens” refers to the plant’s evergreen habit, particularly in the South.* The Virginia Native Plant Society selected Trumpet Honeysuckle as Wildflower of the Year for 2014.

Print Version:  Lonicera sempervirens, Trumpet or Coral HoneysuckleLonicera sempervirens, Trumpet or Coral Honeysuckle
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