Northern Virginia Growing Facts

Hardiness Zone: Arlington and Alexandria are mostly in Zone 7b. You can find the USDA Hardiness Zone Plant Map here.
Last frost date: Usually between April 10-21
First frost date: Usually between November 8-28
Average rainfall: About 40 inches a year
Soil type: Clay, poor quality; needs amendments
When to mulch plants: In the fall and/or spring
Why mulch: It improves the soil, retains moisture, controls weeds and reduces water consumption, saving time and money.
Where to get mulch: Both Arlington County and the City of Alexandria make it available, often for free. If you reside in Arlington County, click here for more details. If you reside in Alexandria, click here.
Soil testing: Recommended every 3 years; kits are available through the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office (VCE) at S. Stafford St. (703.228.6414) or at Master Gardener Clinics.

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