Problem Plant: Leatherleaf Mahonia

Leatherleaf Mahonia (Mahonia bealei)

Sometimes called Leatherleaf Holly, this distinctive evergreen shrub was introduced
in the mid-1800s as an ornamental. Although still a popular landscape plant, it has
increasingly spread into woodlands from Maryland to Florida, including in Rock
Creek and Wolf Trap parks, and is now classified as invasive.

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Problem Plant - Leatherleaf Mahonia

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Tags: Spreads into woodlands from birds eating berries on ornamental plantings, Colonizes by basal sprouts, Forms dense thickets around old homesites and in wooded areas near cities, Has advantage over native species because deer avoid browsing on it, Tolerates many sites, American Holly (Ilex opaca), Inkberry (Ilex glabra), Winterberry Holly (Ilex verticillata), Evergreen shrub with berries