Seeds: Selecting and Starting

MGNV - Urban Agriculture LogoJumpstart your vegetable garden! Get the scoop on seed selection – hybrid vs. heirloom, which seeds to start indoors and what is required to get them growing. Join Extension Master Gardeners Jasmin DeCourcey and Pam Newton to learn how to make your own starter pots, create simple lighting systems and practice winter sowing by starting seeds outdoors in milk-jug greenhouses. Germination is complex, but seed starting is reassuringly simple!

Zoom session, February 6, 2021

Video of Presentation

  • 0:00 Introduction & Best Practices
  • 6:24 Growing Season in Our Area & Categories of Plants We Might Grow
  • 15:27 Options to Obtain Plants
  • 22:17 Vegetable Propagation Methods
  • 28:20 How to Select & Grow Seeds
  • 40:12 Germination Requirements
  • 42:02 Direct Sowing & Winter Sowing
  • 59:25 Growing Seedlings
  • 1:13:00 Acquiring Seedlings
  • 1:17:10 Managing & Transplanting Seedlings
    • 1:18:12 Resources & Final Questions

Additional Resources

Seed Order Form

Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners are again offering free seeds to Arlington and Alexandria gardeners through neighborhood and community garden distribution and online orders.  We have a wide variety of seeds although we cannot promise that we will have exactly what you’ve requested.  To ensure that we can meet demand across the community, we are limiting requests to no more than 10 packets and one per variety.  We encourage you to use all the seeds you receive or share them with neighbors.  We hope that you will also consider sharing excess produce with your local food bank.

For useful information see the Herbs & Vegetable Gardening page under the resource tab on the website.  Here are a few popular publications:

Happy Gardening!