Summer Gardening Questions

Got a plant or insect problem?   We can help.

This page is for helping submit questions for the upcoming VCE Public Education classes targeting Summer Gardening Questions.  To have your question addressed by our expert panel please follow the directions below and send the requested information to the email

  1. Submit your question to us directly by email with background information found in this form. 
  2. Please attach the information from the form in Step 1. above and send your photos via email to

Please submit questions by August 12.  Approved questions will be addressed live during the August 20 Public Education Event.

How to take good diagnostic photos:

For best results, submit

  • A photo of the entire plant
  • A photo of the branch or section of the plant that is in question
  • Closeup photos of the problem, the top and bottom of a leaf if applicable, the signs of insects if applicable.

Tips for taking a picture of an insect

    • Put it in the freezer for a few minutes to slow it down enough to take a good picture;
    • Put it on a piece of sticky paper to slow it down;
    • Don’t smash it;
    • Place it inside of a small glass jar.

We recommend you watch Elaine Mills’ video on plant identification for tips on how to take the best photos to submit with you plant questions:

Another excellent resource is Clemson University’s How to Take Good Photos for Your Extension Agent.