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The Long View – Meditations on Gardening: Gardening in the Time of Pandemic

Occasional essays by Christa Watters, Extension Master Gardener Photos © Christa Watters Gardening in the Time of Pandemic Gardening is a lot like life, as I’ve often noted in this space. It is one long lesson in patience, and the … Continue reading

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🐝 🐝 BEE-havior: The Bubble Bee – Hylaeus

At a mere ¼-inch long, Hylaeus bees do not dominate a flower like fuzzy bumble bees three to six times their size. However, if you have sharp eyes or a zoom camera lens you can appreciate their unique appearance and BEE-havior. Continue reading

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’Tis The Time of Year . . .

‘Tis the time of year . . . to look back and to look forward. To celebrate seasons past and those to come. A time when days grow shorter, and the nights grow longer. A time to remember the beauty of fall, drop into the mystery of winter, anticipate the magic of spring and imagine the surprises of summer. Continue reading

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Simpson Gardens Roundup: A Season of Renovation

Have you ever looked around your yard and thought that it was time to shake things up and reinvigorate the garden? Maybe you will benefit from the experience of the dedicated team at Simpson Gardens, who have spent the last year working hard on renewal of the garden. Continue reading

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