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Flowers That Attract Pollinators and Robbers to a Garden

The shape, color, structure and odor of a flower usually determine the type of pollinators it attracts. A flower requires a pollinator that will visit it regularly and successfully transfer pollen in and/or between it and other flowers of its species to ensure fruit and seed production. For the service of pollination, the flower provides a reward: usually food such as nectar and/or pollen. Thus plants and their pollinators enjoy a mutualistic relationship. Continue reading

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Invasive Plant Factsheet: Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii)

2020 Invasive Plant Factsheet: Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii)
Although sometimes recommended for butterfly gardens, Buddleia davidii does not serve as a host plant for their larvae. It is planted so extensively that it commonly escapes from gardens and is invasive through much of the U. S., including Arlington and Alexandria in Northern Virginia. Continue reading

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Native Alternatives to Overused Foundation Plants, Part I

Our Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic Region offers many attractive substitute shrubs to traditional foundation non-natives that can add beauty and diversity to the landscape while providing nectar, pollen, and fruit for the insect and animal species with which they have evolved. Read on to learn about the ornamental qualities and wildlife support offered by native alternatives for these popular alien shrubs. Continue reading

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