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Word of the Week: Dioecious

dioecious [ dahy-ee-shuhs ] adjective: plant species having male and female reproductive organs on different individual plants The majority of plants reproduce via “perfect” flowers,…having both male and female organs within the same plant…Dioecious species have separate male and female plants.

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TREE: Ilex opaca (American Holly)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic: Ilex opaca (American holly)

Today commercial demand for holly has declined, but its value in the landscape has not. It comes into its glory as temperatures drop and berry-like fruits ripen to brighten the winter scenery. Continue reading

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Native Plants for Winter Interest

A number of plants native to our region provide continuing value and interest in our gardens into the winter. Their evergreen foliage or interesting bark add beauty to the landscape, while their berries, seeds, or stems provide support to wildlife through the cold months. Continue reading

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