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🐝 🐝 BEE-havior: The Bubble Bee – Hylaeus

At a mere ¼-inch long, Hylaeus bees do not dominate a flower like fuzzy bumble bees three to six times their size. However, if you have sharp eyes or a zoom camera lens you can appreciate their unique appearance and BEE-havior. Continue reading

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Great Long-Blooming Plants for Pollinators

A 2013 plant trial conducted by Penn State Extension, Bees, Bugs & Blooms, ranked three species native to our Mid-Atlantic region as among the best plants for flowering longevity, and in attracting desirable insects. An additional benefit is that deer dislike all three plants. Learn more . . . Continue reading

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PERENNIAL: Pycnanthemum muticum (Short-toothed/Clustered Mountain-mint)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic
The flowers of mountain mint may be unassuming, but their nectar enticed the greatest number and diversity of pollinators out of 86 native species and nativars monitored by Penn State Extension and Master Gardeners over a 3-year period. Showy, silvery bracts accent the flower clusters and the foliage exudes a strong minty aroma when crushed. Continue reading

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Mountain Mints: Minty but No Need for Mountains…

By Anne Galer, Extension Master Gardener My first encounter with mountain mints (Pycnanthemum) came when I was making the bouquets for my daughter’s wedding. We had the cherished peachy roses and hydrangeas from my garden and went in search of … Continue reading

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