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Invasive Plant Factsheet: Non-Native Willows

2020 Invasive Plant Factsheet:
Non-Native Willows (Salix alba, S. babylonia & S. fragilis)
Brought to the U. S. in the 1700s by European settlers, these natives of Europe, Asia, and northern Africa have since escaped from cultivation and naturalized in minimally managed areas. Chinese weeping willow, Salix babylonica, is listed as invasive in Arlington. S. alba and its weeping cultivar (S. fragilis), which is often used in landscapes, are considered problematic in the City of Alexandria. Continue reading

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In the Winter Garden, 2019 Edition

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Appreciating the winter garden makes for a happier all-season gardener, so this article, written by EMG Mary Free in December 2012, was worth revising and updating. Our gardens may lay mostly dormant in this season, but still there are some herbaceous and woody plants with color, form, and texture that can both surprise and delight in the winter landscape. Continue reading

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TREE: Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic
Found along wet stream banks, swamps, and river bottoms, Bald Cypress has a root system, which often produces irregular structures called “knees” that rise above the ground or water’s surface. Continue reading

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Maintaining Our Tree Canopy: Ways You Can Help

Thinking of planting more trees? It’s not too early to plan for next year!
Both Alexandria and Arlington support the idea of maintaining and increasing the tree canopy of our highly urbanized area, and offer residents assistance through either free or reduced rate young tree. While fall is an ideal time to plant trees, our local governments offer trees sales or deliveries in spring as well. One such program in Arlington requires application by January 7, so we are offering information to help you plan. Continue reading

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