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The Long View – Meditations on Gardening

Fall Reckoning for the Gardener 

Fall is the time to tally up the results of our gardening year. We plan, we plant, we weed, prune, maintain. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Life happens, and sometimes we don’t attend to all the chores we meant to do. Continue reading

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The Long View – Meditations on Gardening (A Venture in Guerrilla Gardening)

Not all gardeners have big plots. So sometimes we just exploit what’s nearby. It’s a bit iffy, but taking a little risk and adding a dollop of luck and patience, some digging and weeding and a mix of bought and donated plants can pay off. Witness the former parking lot island near my town house. It used to be a dog- and sun-seared plot of weedy grass that never looked good after the first green flush of spring. Continue reading

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