Weed ID and Management

Grass or grass like weeds

Grasslike weeds. Photo © MGNV

Meet some of the most common weeds in our area and learn safe and appropriate techniques to control them in your yard.

This free online class was offered by Extension Master Gardeners.

Speaker: Joyce Hylton, Extension Master Gardener
Zoom session, recorded May 22, 2020

Video of Presentation

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 01:50 What Is a Weed?
  • 02:21 Why Do We Have Weeds?
  • 04:22 Grass & Grass-like Perennials
  • 08:20 Broadleaf Perennials
  • 18:27 Winter Annuals
  • 22:27 Summer Annuals
  • 29:07 Weed Defense
  • 31:49 Management Tools & Technique
  • 34:45 Reference Material

Additional Resources


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  • Stucky, Jon M. 1981. Identifying Seedlings and Mature Weeds Common in the Southeastern United States. North Carolina Agricultural Research Service.
  • Uva, Richard and Joseph C. Neal  and Joseph M. DiTomaso. 1997.  Weeds of the Northeast.  Comstock Publishing Associates.
    Available at Arlington Public Library.

Weed ID Sites

Weed ID Apps

  • Flora of Virginia – The Flora of Virginia Project
    It costs but it is excellent!
  • iNaturalist. California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic.