Sunny Garden Renovations 2014

With the support of their team of Master Gardener volunteers and interns, coordinators Kate Donohue and Joe Kelly have undertaken a second year of renovations in the Sunny Garden. Read more about their work.

Annual Plant Sale at Green Spring Recap

The Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia held another successful spring plant sale this year. Great job, guys! Read more.

2014 Fall Master Gardener Training

Thinking of becoming a Master Gardener? Don’t wait any longer! We still have a few openings for this coming Fall training.  Learn more: “Become a Master Gardener.”

Learn more about the beautiful summer flowers blooming right now in Northern Virginia! 

Public Education Event: Composting for Home Gardeners

Healthy soil means healthy plants! Learn the basics of composting on July 22 at Fairlington Community Center. Click here to learn more.

Itea virginica, Virginia Sweetspire

itea-virginicaTried and True Plants for the Mid-Atlantic 

Fragrant, showy four-inch spires of white blossoms fall from arching stems in late spring into July.  In autumn, its leaves turn a vibrant red to orange.  A native favorite, this shrub hasgraceful open growth habit, and does best in part-shade with moist soil. Read more.

New Monarch Waystation at Bluemont Park

Habitat loss contributes mostly to the monarch butterfly’s dramatic decline. In the US, that means destruction of milkweed, sole host to the caterpillars. Through its Monarch Waystation Program, Monarch Watch encourages the creation of monarch habitats “in home gardens, at schools, businesses, parks, zoos, nature centers, along roadsides, and on other unused plots of land.” Master Gardener Interns took up that challenge and created a Waystation on a neglected parking lot island in Bluemont Park. To see the remarkable results, click here.

Wildlife in the Shade Garden

The Quarry/Shade Garden offers visitors a welcome and serene respite from the summer heat. However, if you look closely – just beneath the calm – wildlife simmers. Click here to find out why you should have your camera, cell phone or iPad ready!

Tick season arrived a little later this year, but not by much. Learn more.

VCE Plant Clinics Gearing Up for Gardening Season!

Plant clinics sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension are gearing up for the 2014 gardening season in Arlington and Alexandria. All are staffed by VCE Master Gardeners, who answer general gardening questions as well as questions about pests and diseases and plant identification. They also provide free soil test kits on request. Find one near you:

Upcoming Master Gardener of Northern Virginia (MGNV) Events

Our upcoming events are listed in this calendar. For more information on any event, use the Event Calendar menu above to see full writeups. If you have any questions about an event, contact the Helpdesk at mgarlalex@gmail.com or 703-228-6414. Click here to view events of interest to gardeners in the greater D.C. area.