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Making Wise Plant Choices, Part 1

In preceding posts in this series, we have considered gardening approaches that can reduce homeowners’ carbon footprints and presented adaptive techniques to assist in dealing with the challenges posed by climate change. Another area of concern is making informed choices about the plants we choose for our gardens Continue reading

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Adaptive Vegetable Gardening

Learn about adaptive approaches necessary as response to climate change for home vegetable gardening. These include general steps for reducing the garden’s carbon footprint, such as minimizing the use of power equipment and purchased fertilizers, building soil health, and conserving water as well as responding to increases in invasive weeds and insects. Continue reading

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Rethinking Your Lawn

The care of our lawns takes a heavy toll on our time and money as homeowners try to meet the unattainable goal of the perfect, unblemished expanse of green. The average household spends $1,200 and 70 hours annually on lawn care, although many individuals consider mowing to be an onerous chore. Learn about the number of actions that climate-conscious gardeners can take to make their lawns more environmentally friendly. Continue reading

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Managing Water: Flooding & Drought

This month, we look more closely at the relationship between soil and water and discuss other techniques for managing water in home gardens. Continue reading

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