Glencarlyn Library Community Garden

Begun as a Boy Scout Eagle Project in the early 1990’s, the garden had fallen into disarray by 1999 when two VCE Master Gardeners began to invest time and energy into its rejuvenation. Today, the Glencarlyn Library Community Garden not only has an intriguing built environment — gazebo, arches, curving brick walk — but is home to several hundred sun and shade perennials (many of which are native plants), over 35 varieties of trees, shrubs, and vines, many bulbs, herbs and medicinals, an exotics garden including huge banana plants, and some annuals that are varied each year.

The Library gazebo graced by mid-August flowers. Photo credit: Mary Free

Located in one of the old historical neighborhoods of Arlington County, Virginia, this garden’s focus is to provide a visual delight for library patrons, neighbors, and the pre-school next door. This garden also provides opportunities for teaching and learning through careful signage, regular mentoring, and work days. This is a place to come and savor the gifts of a garden in the midst of our hurried world.

A banana plant and self-seeding Melampodium along South Kensington Street. Photo credit: Mary Free


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The Glencarlyn Library Community Garden is located at the corner of S. Third and S. Kensington Streets off Carlin Springs Road.


Welcome to the Glencarlyn Library Community Garden via the magic of video! Explore the garden, visit with our Extension Master Gardeners, and come away with something new to try, learn, or make.