Native Ground Covers for Sun and Shade

MGNV - Sustainable Landscaping LogoA variety of native plant species, including perennials, ferns, grasses, and even some woody plants, can function as ground covers in multiple landscape situations. Learn which native species may serve as excellent replacements for overused and invasive traditional ground covers such as English ivy, liriope, periwinkle, and creeping euonymus, while providing much-need food and habitat for our local pollinators and birds.

Online class offered by Extension Master Gardeners.

Speaker: Extension Master Gardener Elaine Mills, a creative force behind the resource Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic, will share her experience growing most of these plants in her own garden and at the Glencarlyn Library Community Garden, a Virginia Cooperative Extension Demonstration Garden in Arlington, Virginia, where she serves as a co-coordinator.

Zoom session, recorded September 26, 2020

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