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Native Vines for the Home Garden

Online Zoom Presentation

Vines can fill a variety of roles in the garden, either serving as ground covers or providing an attractive vertical element in the landscape as they grow on fences, trellises, or walls. Elaine Mills presents characteristics and attributes of the native vines as well as explain maintenance tips and ideas for their landscape uses.

Soil Health

Online Zoom Presentation

Want to grow more flavorful tomatoes? Want to produce more colorful blooms? Healthy plants need healthy soil to do their best. 

Challenges of the Summer Garden – Part II

Online Zoom Presentation

Submit specific questions on summer weeds, insects, disease or water concerns to a panel of Extension Master Gardeners with a wealth of experience. A diagnostic form to describe your specific garden problem and directions on how to take a helpful photograph so that the panel can give you an accurate diagnosis are available at https://mgnv.org/summer-gardening-questions/. Please submit your question, diagnostic form and photo, if you have one, by August 12. Don’t miss this panel discussion exploring real-world garden problems!  

Fall Weed ID in the Garden

Online Zoom Presentation

Join Extension Master Gardener Joyce Hylton as she discusses some of the most common weeds in our area that flourish in the Fall. While a weed may be just a wildflower in the wrong place, learn why they may like your lawn and garden and how you can safely and effectively control them.