Mitchella repens (Partridge-berry)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic

Common throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, Partridge-berry is a sweet trailing plant with shiny, rounded evergreen leaves distinguished by a stripe down the mid-vein. The paired white tubular flowers form half-inch stars in early summer followed by red berry-like fruits (drupes), which may persist through the winter into early summer. The Virginia Native Plant Society named Partridge-berry as Wildflower of the Year in 2012..

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Mitchella repens (Partridge-berry) Ground Cover Height: 4 inches Spread: 1⁄2–1 foot Bloom Color: White, pinkish Characteristics Low, evergreen ground cover Glossy, dark green, rounded to oval leaves with a white stripe down the mid-vein Paired, fragrant white flowers from May to July Ruby red, fleshy drupes from July to December Attributes Tolerates dry soil and dense shade No serious pests or diseases; deer rarely damage Slow to establish, but forms dense mats in time Edible: fruits insipid; dried leaves used as an herb Attracts bumble bees to flowers and to the fruit, game birds and mammals (red fox, eastern skunk, eastern chipmunk, and white-footed mice), which spread seeds to new areas Growing and Maintenance Tips Soil Requirements: Humus-rich acidic soil Light Requirements: Partial Shade, Shade Water Requirements: Moist Divide the plants in spring or take stem cuttings in early summer Use as ground cover under shrubs/trees, in front of border, and in rock, shade, and woodland gardens Hardiness: USDA Zones 3–8 Excellent Replacement for Glechoma hederacea - Ground Ivy Hedera helix - English Ivy Lysimachia mummularia - Moneywort Vinca minor - PeriwinkleLearn more about other Mid-Atlantic plants: Tried and True Plant Fact Sheets