Best Bets: Plants for Particular Uses

Success = Right Plant + Right Place

Based on the fact sheets highlighted in our Tried and True Plants library, Best Bet pages recommend groups of plants well suited for a particular use, a special purpose, a distinct set of conditions. These lists are not exhaustivebut they reflect the local experience of our Master Gardeners. Listed plants are often described fully in the individual fact sheets.

Jewelweed with Bumble Bee

Flourishing along Long Branch Stream in Arlington’s Glencarlyn Park, native annual Impatiens capensis (jewelweed) attracts numerous pollinators such as the bumble bee pictured above as well as hummingbirds, butterflies, other bees, wasps, and flies.
Photo © Mary Free

Our Best Bet Plants are grouped as follows:

To Attract Pollinators

To Use as Cover Crops

To Use in Dry Areas

To Use in Wet Areas