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Word of the Week: Palmate

Two common forms of venation that are the starting point for many plant identification systems are palmate and pinnate. A third venation pattern is fan-shaped, as in gingko trees… A fourth form, arcuate, has a strong midrib, but also curved secondary veins in a more heart-shaped arrangement. The parallel venation of a fifth form appears in most monocot plants. Continue reading

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TREE: Aesculus pavia (Red Buckeye)

2020 Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic

Native mostly to the southeastern United States,* this understory tree
is found in woods and along streams. Its common name refers to
shiny seeds called buckeyes, which are encased in husked seed
capsules. Its showy flowers, suggestive of firecrackers, have led to
its alternative name, Firecracker Plant. Continue reading

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Faux-Nuts, Fruits, Berries & Seeds

The bounty produced by the Library Garden this fall captivated many visitors. Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia love sharing the beauty and abundance of Nature’s gifts, while also having the opportunity to answer lots of questions elicited by the great variety of seeds, berries, fruits and the one “faux-nut” displayed in our Glencarlyn Library Teaching/Demonstration garden. Continue reading

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