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Nature is a Respite during Disconcerting Times

Spring is a season of hope and renewal and yet we find ourselves battling together, in isolation, an unseen enemy–coronavirus or COVID-19. Staying home, does not necessarily mean staying indoors and physically distancing ourselves from one another does not mean distancing ourselves from nature. Continue reading

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Vegetable Garden Design for Success – Via Zoom

Vegetable Garden Design for Success – Via Zoom
Join us for this VCE Master Gardener Virtual Classroom program on designing your vegetable garden to grow the best vegetables!
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Turf Grass Alternatives – Video

Now on Video – Turf Grass Alternatives !

Are you tired of the time and costs to mow, water, fertilize and maintain your lawn? Are you tired of a yard that looks just like all the others? This class presents alternatives for reclaiming all or part of your lawn to create a more sustainable and interesting landscape. Discussion  includes manageable techniques to reduce the size of your lawn and plant replacements for traditional turf grass. Continue reading

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Pruning Woody Plants – Video

Now on Video – Pruning Woody Plants!
Early Spring is the time to look at your shrubs and trees and assess their need for training and corrective pruning to remove crossing and rubbing branches, suckers water sprouts, and damaged wood. This class goes over the basics of size reduction, hedge trimming, techniques for large limb removal, and the best times to prune woody plants. Continue reading

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