Simpson Gardens in Alexandria

Simpson Gardens is located at 420 East Monroe Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301, within Simpson Park, between the YMCA and Eugene Simpson baseball stadium. 

Simpson Gardens – Fall 2010. The garden in the front left is the Tufa Garden & the garden in the front right is the scented garden. Photo Credit: Kenneth P. James

Located in the Del Ray neighborhood of northeast Old Town Alexandria, the Simpson Gardens actually consist of 5 unique gardens, each created to demonstrate a different type of theme. Waterwise, Flagstone, Tufa, Butterfly, and Scented gardens are all found within Simpson Gardens.

Waterwise Garden. Photo Credit: Kenneth P. James

Waterwise Garden – demonstrates that a low maintenance garden in an exposed, dry area can host a rich variety of plants and be attractive year-round. A numbered plant list is available on site for visitors to provide for a self guided tour.

Flagstone Garden – designed to show locally available types of flagstone and other materials that homeowners can use for paths and patios.

Tufa Garden – features plants suitable for rock gardens in the region. The tufa (porous limestone rock) was a gift from the United States Botanic Garden in Washington D.C.

Scented Garden – focuses on plants with fragrant flowers or aromatic foliage. Visit on a warm sunny day to savor the rich aromas.

Butterfly Garden – designed to provide food and protection for all stages of butterfly development, from larva, to the adult butterfly. At times, this garden may appear unkepmt and full of weeds. However many plants which are considered weeds in other gardens are in fact important host plants for many butterfly species.

Location & Directions: Simpson Gardens is located at 420 East Monroe Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301, within Simpson Park, between the YMCA and Eugene Simpson baseball stadium. Parking is available in the YMCA lot.

Fast Facts

The 2018 Master Gardener Interns created Fast Fact Sheets that provide specific information about plants grown in Simpson Gardens. These fact sheets are available in print versions at the Gardens. Below are pdf versions of the fact sheets:

Bignonia capreolata (Crossvine)

Bignonia capreolata (Crossvine)

Please enjoy some photos of Simpson Gardens in the slide shows below:

Gallery 1: Simpson Gardens’ 20th Anniversary Open House

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Gallery 2: Simpson Gardens

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