Foraging for Wild Edibles

Wild violets. Photo© Jane Longan

MGNV - Urban Agriculture LogoIn normal times there is something innately satisfying about eating food you grew yourself. Now that novelty can feel like a necessity. We’re all juggling recipes to fit what is in our pantries and learning to substitute the named ingredient for the available. Never has it been more fulfilling to be a forager.

Join us to learn about foraging for safe, edible plants that may be growing in your yard.

This free online class was offered by Extension Master Gardeners.

Speakers: Extension Master Gardeners Becky Halbe and Jane Longan,  and longtime gardener and educator Puwen Lee.
Zoom session, recorded May 15, 2020

Video of Presentation

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:57 Part 1 – Introduction to Foraging – Rebecca Halbe
  • 30:15 Part 2 – Edible Flowers – Jane Longan
  • 52:28 Part 3 – Bamboo – Puwen Lee

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