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SHRUB: Clethra alnifolia (Sweet Pepperbush, Summersweet)

Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic Summer sweet and spicy is the pleasant fragrance of this pollinator magnate. This tall shrub, common in the Coastal Plain of the Mid-Atlantic Region, naturalizes readily in shady, damp places as well as coastal landscapes. Though … Continue reading

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Early Summer 2017 at Simpson Gardens

By Christa Watters, Certified Master Gardener  Every year reveals something different about a garden, as the changing weather patterns or the focus of the gardeners’ work emphasizes or favors some plants over others. This year at Simpson, late spring brought … Continue reading

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Creating Plant Signs for Simpson Gardens

A 2016 Master Gardener Intern Project By Susan Wilhelm, Certified Master Gardener   Kathryn Kellam and Susan Wilhelm (MGNV Class of 2016) created 25 new plant signs for the Simpson Demonstration Gardens in Alexandria as their intern project. Each sign … Continue reading

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The Square Foot Garden

By Madeleine Faust, Certified Master Gardener A stroll through the Demonstration Gardens of Glencarlyn, Simpson, and Bon Air leads one gently along the curves that define the paths and plantings. The softness and seemingly indeterminate order comfort the eye and … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Garden

by Judy Funderburk, Certified Master Gardener Judy Funderburk, Emeritus Coordinator of the Glencarlyn Library Community Garden,  shared her wisdom at the MGNV Membership Meeting, on June 21, 2017. For those who could not attend and those who want to ponder … Continue reading

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Sunny Garden Leaves No Stones Unturned

by Joe Kelly, Certified Master Gardener Although we’ll never stop adding new plants and moving others, the Sunny Garden’s multi-year renovation is finally coming to a close. Right now, the late-spring bloom peak has brought a burst of colors, thanks … Continue reading

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Hellebores – A Gardener’s Comfort

By Dina Lehman Avid gardeners spend the winter months gazing through plant catalogs, planning for changes and new additions to their gardens while eagerly awaiting the first signs of spring. The hellebore, an evergreen plant that usually reaches 15 inches … Continue reading

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Simpson Gardens in May – Open House Draws Bird Lovers

By Christa Watters, Certified Master Gardener Simpson Gardens work parties began on March 7 this year, but in a hit or miss Tuesday pattern with a couple of rescheduled dates because of rain-outs. We have drawn interns from the fall … Continue reading

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View from the Garden – Glencarlyn Community Library Garden

by Wendy Mills, Certified Master Gardener A growing body of research is proving what we know intuitively: Nature is good for us—physically, mentally, and cognitively. When we spend time in nature—whether in a national park or a backyard garden—we feel … Continue reading

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Simpson Strolls

Learn about our wonderful Simpson Park Gardens! Join us at the Monthly stroll- we look forward to seeing your there.

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